Beverly Hills

In Benedict canyon, in a wild and private part of Beverly hills; this house was built in the 1950s, in the manner of modernists post and beam architecture and recently renovated to add new volumes for a multitalented artist and photographer. The house is composed of a single story, 250m2 with two bedrooms and a study. The important element was to maintain the integrity of the existing architecture while modernizing it for the client’s s lifestyle.
The round main living area offers wide views of the lush surrounding canyons and opens to a deep wrap around deck, as an organic architecture which promotes harmony between man and nature. Mahogany was used for windows and doors as typical of the mid century style and era. Original vintage danish modern pieces were converted into bathroom vanities.
The furniture preserve the integrity of the era whilst juxtaposed with full curtains made of french antique linen or gold and silver silks to add softness, and feminity to a dominantly masculine architecture. A yin and yan balance where opposites and extremes influence eachother.
Furniture is of the era like an Adrian Pearsall sofa or a Nakashima coffee table. A Paul Evans dining table is catching the different light of the outside, creating a shimmering effect on the rugged concrete floor whilst contrasted with rough native American potteries. Dapple lights occure in the different rooms of the house as the day light and seasons progress. A dialogue of era and contexts blended in a tactile collage.

Residential project
Category : Ocean LOS ANGELES
Photography: J.WILSON