Les Esserts

Bathed in the sun and snow and majestic landscapes of Verbier, this ski in ski out chalet was renovated for an international family. The original 1970s chalet was given a new narrative for this family who used to spend their holidays in Verbier as kids. Transformed from being very quirky with little rooms, tiny windows and low ceilings to a focus on bringing natural light in, with big openings, feeling closer and in tune with the surrounding nature. Where traditional architecture used to protect the inhabitants from the perils of nature, it now welcomes it into their daily lives. The large stone fireplace was cut from a local quarry and unites chalet traditions with new technologies. The limestone finishes on the walls and the overall palette harmonizes with the surrounding nature. Silk rugs, cashmere curtains add softness and an understated luxurious feel. A big wall-mounted heart from a film set serves as a symbol for a home that brings a family together. The mountain ruggedness finds its place by adding simple primitive pieces and the organic lines of handcrafted elements.
The slate roof helps to keep the feeling of a traditional chalet. while eclectic and pieces worn by the nature, such as stone garden ornaments or outdoor Eternit decorations with their deliberately untouched lichen, find their new place inside.

Residential project
Category : Mountain Verbier
Photography: J.WILSON