Place des Vosges

Facing the Place des Vosges, located in heart of the Marais in Paris, this derelict apartment sat inside a Heritage Landmark Building built in the 17th century by the initiative of King Henry IV .
Restoring this 300 m2, grand space was closely monitored by the “Historical Heritage Architects” department to ensure all historic details were sympathetically protected and restored. All original detailing and volumes remained.
We wanted to realize a modern interpretation of a classic elegance with some pieces evoking the past without direct references. A contrast in sophistication and simplicity was brought about by selecting objects and pieces from 17th Century french antiques with their natural patinas, to 20th Century American modern designers pieces, thereby juxtaposing the poetry of French history with the glamour of the 70s. A Paul Evans side board meets a Bagués crystal wall light, an embroidered lace curtain meets Bauhaus Marcel Breuer dining chairs.
Industrial stone and iron shelves from the Amsterdam national archives meets a knoll desk and a napoleon III leather sofa in the same room.
Images of 70s icons like Jimmy Hendrix, Brigitte Bardot or Mohamed Ali inhabit the 17th century building.
Despite being in the heart of the busy city center, it maintains the peacefulness and slower pace of a bygone area.
Being here transcends time…. beauty lies not in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadow cast.

Residential project
Category : City FRANCE
Photography: J.WILSON