Located next to the mythical Café de Flore where poets, philosophers and artistes used to meet, this small pied à terre is on one of the most iconic streets of Paris. The St Germain des Prés district was built in the medieval area, so when renovating an apartment like this one, you encounter very old timber frame structural work and other architectural surprises. This pied à terre was designed for a single person in search of the romanticism and vibrations of the city. The apartment is composed of a single large room (with separate bathroom and wardrobe area) that we decided to keep as one and not divide. We accentuated the very high ceilings by having repetitive long curtains from the windows to the bed canopy. The color of the inside walls extends to the outside of the building, while the flora flows as well from the exterior to the interior. Romantic notes with a few contemporary sharp lines bring simplicity and minimalism. The mauve satin accents are an homage to the royal court ornaments and couture of a bygone era and brings life and joy to a neutral background palette. A few vintage pieces from different recent eras adds modernity, like a Bumling light from the 70s or Pierre Cardin 80s lamps. Derelict and antique fabrics deliberately left untouched contrast with fine silks and satin which blur the lines of times gone by and where a perfect imperfection can occur.

Residential project
Category City : FRANCE
Photography : J.WILSON